We Have A Home!

Only thirteen days until I’m there too!


Hurry Up and Wait…

I’m going crazy!  We’re so close to the end of our time apart (which has been eight months and about a week at this point!), but it can’t get here fast enough.  There isn’t even much for me to do to get ready for the move, I just have to wait and that makes it even harder!!

In other news, Thomas arrived safely in Camp Pendleton this past week and is staying in the barracks until we get a house.  He has a nice long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off which really helps him to have time to get housing and move reimbursement and finding a car etc. taken care of.  Unlike me, who has almost  nothing to do, Thomas will be quite busy for the next few days 🙂

Not much going on on my end of things, and Thomas didn’t feel like posting when I asked him so that’s all for now.  Have a marvelous Monday and a great week!

California Dreamin’

Not too long now before we’re California bound!  Thomas’ last day of HIMARS class is on Tuesday, then the Marine Corps will send him to Camp Pendleton.  It’s looking like I’ll be able to join him at the beginning of September.  I’m so excited to actually live in an area with nice weather all year round! 🙂  Check out the beach that we’ll be living near

Needless to say, I’m a very happy camper!!

Can You Believe Summer is Almost Over?

This summer has gone by so fast, I can’t believe it’s August already!  Here is a look what we have done this summer so far 🙂


Thomas graduated from Basic Training in March (which is before summer started, actually, but whatever)


My Grandparents came down from Michigan to visit while Thomas was at MOS school


We went to the Blooms & Butterflies exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory.


My last day at work, they were playing with the pirate box.


I miss them like crazy!!


Buster has a new best buddy now that we’re staying with my parents.


I got to go visit Thomas in Lawton the weekend after our anniversary!


Here we are in the Holy City of the Wichitas, right outside of Lawton



I drove up Scott Mountain and I was very scared, but the view was great!