Three Day Weekend

Thomas is back from his field operations and because of all their hard work, first platoon is having a three day weekend!  Hooray for sleeping in and relaxing 🙂

We have solid travel plans for December!  We’ll be in Columbus from the 16th through the 26th.  That should be plenty of time to see everybody, and probably just enough time to make us feel at home before we have to leave again.  Also, that should be enough cold weather to last me the whole winter.  Who really likes snow past Christmas anyway?  Maybe heading back to California won’t be so bad after all…


Little Animal Friends

Despite the fact that we pretty much live in the desert, there are lots of animals running around.


This bunny was right outside our building.  Practically every time you go outside you see a rabbit.


These giant and annoying black birds are not exactly my favorite animals around here.  They are loud!

There are also lizards and snakes and giant tarantulas, but for the obvious reasons I didn’t want to hunt them down for a photo op 🙂

I’m All Alone,

There is no one here beside me :*(

Thomas left for field operations on Monday.  So that I wouldn’t be stuck without a car for eight days I had to drop him off at 3:00 (AM!!).  Because they are out in the field, which is actually a very windy and sandy desert according to Thomas, he has nowhere to charge his phone so I haven’t heard from him much.

Tuesday can’t get here fast enough.

In brighter and happier news, Thomas has almost two weeks of leave in December!  Yay!  He deserves it after all the ridiculous hours they make him work.  So the plan is to head up to Ohio and visit his family and see some friends.  And probably eat some Chipotle and go to Easton and see the Zoo Lights and not drive over mountains on the way to the store…

Bonus Points For Me!!

The most difficult part about living on a military base has been finding where things are.  They don’t have addresses, they have areas and building numbers.  I must be the most frustrating person to give directions to because I have no idea where the different areas are located or how one would find them.  So, bonus points for me because today, I found my way to the TMO office in Area 22.  I’m also pretty sure that I live in Area 11. Someone should make a map for newcomers to the base with the different areas highlighted.  Things would get done much faster that way!