Christmas Lights!


A Holiday Post

The holiday season has begun and I’ve already fallen behind on putting up pictures.  So here is a “catch up” post of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and decorating for Christmas.


Thomas about to make the first cut on our Jack O Lantern

Outlining his face

The finished product


Thomas helping with early morning turkey prep

Time to carve the turkey

Some Thanksgiving evening Call of Duty

Decorating for Christmas

Hanging ornaments

And a star on top


Buster’s Christmas tree shrine

Merry Christmas Season 🙂

Good Morning :)

Even though it is 11:20 it feels so early!  Thomas is walking around like a zombie and I’m on my second cup of coffee and contemplating a third.  Why are we so tired?  Because last night was the Marine Corps Birthday Ball!  It was so much fun!

It was held on the Queen Mary (which is all the way up in Long Beach, an hour and a half from where we live!)  It was so beautiful, it looks a lot like the Titanic actually.  Luckily for us we never left the harbor so no worries about icebergs.  Or seasickness for that matter 🙂

There were lots of speeches, the cutting of the traditional birthday cake that we did not get to eat, a delicious dinner that we did eat, and music.  It was lots of fun.  So, Happy Birthday Marine Corps.  Lets do it again next year.