Playing Catch-up

I haven’t posted anything of substance since the beginning of December!  Those holidays sure have a way of keeping you busy, not to mention all the other stuff that’s been going on with us lately.

The most exciting news we have to share is that we are expecting!  We found out just before Christmas, and the baby is due August 12th.  Which brings me to another bit of news.  Thomas is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  He left January 13th and will be gone for approximately seven months so if you do that bit of math, he should be home right around the baby’s due date.  Anyone want to guess who’ll get here first? 🙂  Since Thomas is going to be gone for almost the whole pregnancy I moved to Arkansas to stay with my parents.

So there is the short version of what we’ve been up to lately.  It’s been pretty crazy, but we are so excited and looking forward to August like it’s Christmas!