Twenty Weeks!

Assuming this bambino decides to come precisely on time, I am halfway through being pregnant today!!  Only twenty more weeks until we get to meet this little one 😀

In other news I can officially no longer wear pre-pregnancy pants.  Hooray for stretchy comfy maternity pants though!  Whoever designed the ones that go under your belly is a genius and one of my favorite people lol


Invasion of the Brain Snatcher!

I can’t remember that I’m in the middle of doing laundry.

I can’t remember that I’m supposed to go to school on Thursday.

I can’t remember what I walked into the next room for.

And I can’t remember where I put my glass of water.

Not only has little baby Jenkins taken over my abdomen, but he or she has now somehow found his or her way into my brain!

I don’t think my memory was this bad before… but really, I don’t remember 😉

The Funny Thing About Life

My mom is friends with a lady in town who teaches first grade and she has graciously allowed me to work with some of her students twice a week. It’s been so great to teach kids again, I forgot how much I love it!
One day while I was helping a little girl with her reading, she looked up from her book and said, “You know the funny thing about lice?” But what I heard was, “You know the funny thing about life?” So I asked her what and she responded, “First my sister had them, and then I had them!” And I instantly realized what she had said!
Lets just say I didn’t sit quite as close for the rest of the lesson. 🙂