My Little Night Owl

William is something of a night owl.  The doctor says that most babies are.  It has something to do with all the movement throughout the day rocking them to sleep and then they wake up when their mom relaxes.  I think he just likes to jump around while I’m trying to sleep.  But for whatever reason, William usually begins his nightly acrobatics sometime around 9:00.

Yesterday I didn’t take a nap and I was completely exhausted so I went to bed before he had really started moving for the night.  And since I missed his little dance routine, he just thought he would wake me up by kicking around extra hard at midnight.  And 3:00.  And 5:30.  And 7:00 at which point I gave up and got out of bed.  And then William realized it was daytime promptly stopped moving again.

And that is the story of the first time my son woke me up in the night. 🙂


Happy 20th!

Today is Ethan’s 20th birthday!  There is nothing that makes me feel older than my younger siblings getting older, but I’m excited for him anyway.

So happy birthday Ethan!