Good Times

The Jenkins family has been having some good times!   On Thursday, Thomas joined us here in Arkansas and it was so good to see him!  He and William have been getting along famously and they are so cute together 🙂

On Saturday, William turned two weeks old.  I can’t believe only two weeks ago he wasn’t around, that’s so weird to think about!

And today, we took Will to his two weeks checkup.  I knew he was getting big, but I didn’t realize he’d grown almost two inches and gained almost a pound!  He’s such a big boy 😀


Happy Blogiversary!

(One day late, oops!)

When I was looking back at my first-ever-post I was struck with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu .  Granted, some things are very different (like having a baby for example!), but all in all there are a lot of similarities between last year and this year.

Last year, Thomas left for boot camp just before the beginning of the year and was gone at various trainings until August.

This year, Thomas was deployed just after the beginning of the year and is returning in August.

Last year, I was staying with my parents.

This year, I am staying with my parents.

Last year, I moved to Camp Pendleton at the beginning of September.

This year, I’m going to move to Camp Pendleton at the end of August.

Last year, we had a family of three (if you count the tortoise.  I do.)

This year, we have a family of four.  And I can’t help but show off how adorable he is!

Overall we had a very similar year last year and this.  Our family is growing, but once again the Marine Corps stole eight months of our year.  I’d say it was a pretty good year though, and it’s just about to get even better!  So here’s to the next year, may our family spend at least half of it together! 🙂