Happy Halloween & William’s Three Months Birthday

Has it really only been three months? It feels like he’s always been with us! Well, happy birthday William, and happy first Halloween!


Going Up!

Heading upstairs the first room you come to is some sort of closet/storage room that Thomas turned into his office.

Most of the shelf space is taken over with crafty goodness

Moving on we come to the nursery aka Will’s room aka the best room in the house! Just so you know, that is the most comfortable chair on the whole earth.

The awesomeness that is Will’s monkey mobile!

Monkey mobile awesomeness from the baby’s point of view.

And down at the end of the hall is the laundry room with my super amazing washer and dryer! I love them more than I have ever loved a major appliance before!! Also pictured, a bunch of Thomas’ uniforms and that bag hanging on the knob is full of clothespins.

Come on in!

Here is the entry/hallway/stairs.

And if you take a right, you’ll see our living room complete with adorable baby 😉

Playing is such hard work he fell asleep!

And here is my desk where I do some awesome blogging and such.

And here is where William naps when he doesn’t fall asleep on his playmat.

Here’s a closeup of his super sweet bird mobile. He loves to watch it during his diaper changes 🙂