On Blogging

I blog as a way to reach out to my family. I started my blog almost two years ago when my husband Thomas was in training to become a United States Marine. We were just about to get stationed in Camp Pendleton, California which is a 40 hour non-stop drive or two $450 plane tickets from our hometown. My blog is an easy way to keep all our family involved in our lives even though we don't get to see them every day.

Ten months ago, an extra reason to blog came into our lives in the form of an adorable, wiggly, baby boy. Being a mother is like nothing else. I have been proud of people before, but it has never been like this! Everything he does is perfect! Amazing!! Newsworthy!!! And what better place to publish all this newsworthiness than on my blog. There is a cravat to the "I blog about my baby" issue though. He is a mama's boy. Big time. So even though my days are filled with cuteness that I need to tell the world about, I can't. Because that cuteness is pulling on my pants and demanding my attention. But sometimes, when he is in bed, and if I can still remember what he did, it makes it to the Internet so our friends and family can be amazed as well.

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