The Christmas Day Post

Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning!

Santa-daddy was here!

And he ate his cookies (except for the mushy part of course 😉 )

Opening presents is fun!

Baby plays with bows…

Daddy plays with bows…

Mama plays with bows…

Howdy Cow!!!!

While William napped, we put together his new toy shelves and put away all his toys. Isn’t this the most fun play area ever?!

Merry Christmas everybody!!


The Christmas Eve Post

William helping decorate sugar cookies

But then he discovered there was something delicious on the spoon and decided to just lick the frosting off 🙂

All ready for bed in his Christmas jammies!

William is putting out some cookies and a Monster drink for Santa-daddy.

The cookie William decorated/chewed on 🙂

Reading the Christmas story with Daddy.

Because It Was Just That Fun

Here are some more pictures from Halloween!

Thomas pulling out some pumpkin guts. William got to touch some guts, but he seemed pretty indifferent haha

We were the pumpkin carving observers

Drawing on the face

Thomas looks like a pumpkin murderer!

The finished product with the inspiration behind it!

Shoulder rides with daddy!

Our first trick-or-treater, and neighbor, Ariel

The jack-o-lantern all lit up

Too much Halloween fun makes for one sleepy boy!

Going Up!

Heading upstairs the first room you come to is some sort of closet/storage room that Thomas turned into his office.

Most of the shelf space is taken over with crafty goodness

Moving on we come to the nursery aka Will’s room aka the best room in the house! Just so you know, that is the most comfortable chair on the whole earth.

The awesomeness that is Will’s monkey mobile!

Monkey mobile awesomeness from the baby’s point of view.

And down at the end of the hall is the laundry room with my super amazing washer and dryer! I love them more than I have ever loved a major appliance before!! Also pictured, a bunch of Thomas’ uniforms and that bag hanging on the knob is full of clothespins.