Twenty four weeks


My Good Day

Yesterday I had not only a good day, but a great day!  There are three things that contributed to the awesomeness that was yesterday.

1) Yesterday was the Growing Kid’s Sale.  I got a giant pile of little boy clothes and shoes in various sizes and the average price of each item was less than three dollars!

2) My new embroidery books came in the mail!  Since my sewing machine keeps breaking, embroidery is a little less frustrating at the moment 🙂  And of course I had to try out my new embroidery tricks right away so I made this little design using all the stitches in the book. 

3) And probably my favorite thing of all that happened yesterday, I got to talk to Thomas online for almost an hour!! 😀

Best Wife Ever!

So Thomas leaves me at home pregnant while he goes to shoot rockets in the Middle East for seven months and what do I do?  Buy him a motorcycle!  That has got to make me the coolest wife ever, lol

It’ll totally be worth it for him to have his own transportation to work that doesn’t leave me stranded at home every day though!  Not to mention some relief from the (very!) bad gas mileage that all those mountain-hills cause for an SUV and the killer California gas prices!!

The lame part is I want to try it out but I’m not allowed because of my “shifted center of gravity” (aka- huge stomach lol) causing trouble balancing 😛  Oh well, it’s not worth the risk and I’ll get to go for a ride after August!